When I was in the middle of the 30s I noticed that had visual acuity in his right eye. Appointment with an ophthalmologist and from there to the eye clinic in Trondheim. Had bleeding on the optic nerves and was told that I could be blind. There was nothing to do. Was very sorry and depressed. Then it was eye examination which took place over many years, most of the follow-up, until I was diagnosed with AMD in 2010.

After getting poorer vision gradually and got dots and spots in front of my eyes, I got by chance hear about St.Olavs Health Clinic in Tønsberg where I then got in touch with Erik 2012. After a few months of treatment with acupuncture, about every other week, was all the dots and spots disappeared. I was very happy and satisfied.

Unfortunately I held up for about one year because I looked relatively well again. But in autumn 2014, I noticed suddenly that vision in my left eye was significantly weaker.

Started acupuncture treatment with Erik again. Have gone there as often as I can and am very happy with the treatment. Dots and spots are gone, some completely and other partially. Was lucky autumn 2015 and joined the 1st patient journey to China.

On Eye Hospital in Bejing I also got acupuncture but also much different treatment. Blue. herbs in liquid form, made especially for me, which gave an effect !! All spots and dots "floated" around in your vision was gone. Right eye, I have had a dark spot and only 80% vision. This dark stain was brighter after China treatment. Still with acupuncture and herbs on St.Olavs Helseklinkk as often as possible after the China trip as well.

When it goes too long between treatments I get dots and spots that I see around the eyes. Then comes the fear and anxiety, I get upset and sad (depressed) to lose sight. After a 2-3 treatments with Erik on St.Olavs Health Clinic will stain less and I became calmer and relaxed. Feel safe and cared for at the clinic. The treatment here at St. Olav's Health Clinic, with Erik and Ole Jørgen gives me hope and relaxation - Feel that they see all of me, both my eyestrain and not least the mental stress I have over many years.

The sight is the not better, but progress is slower and stops partially up. Focusing on another trip to eye clinic in Bejing now in August, along with Erik and Ole Jørgen.

Can not get appreciated this clinic loud enough. All glory to Erik and Ole Jørgen standing on, give hope and confidence to their patients.

Reidun Dale,