What an incredible event!


On the night of Easter Sunday in 2015 I lost the sight in my left eye. A clot. At Ullevål hospital they took a lot of pictures, and made investigations over 3-4 hours. The conclusion was that I could not expect to regain the sight in my left eye, but asked me to come back in two months for a control / reconsideration.


When I came out of hospital I thought taking the bus home. There I had to give up. I saw no sign of the bus. Instead I took a taxi.


That afternoon I called to Erik Vinje (St Olav clinic) in Tønsberg that I knew offered acupuncture.


I learned that he had specialized in eye acupuncture, and that he had many good results. Lucky me!! It was immediately a round trip from Oslo to Tønsberg 5 days a week, with double treatments every day.


Already after a week I noticed positive results, and after only 2 weeks, the improvement was significant!


When I came to check on Ullevål under the agreed 2 months, they measured 61% vision in his left eye. However, - no one asked wha had happened. 60-70 new pictures were taken and I was summoned to the new control 6 weeks later.


I continued treatment with Erik Vinje, and when I got to the next control at Ullevål, I read the letters on the wall and they measured vision to 81% !!


None of the doctors showed some degree of curiosity. A physician was summoned, and he could only ascertain what polls showed. Both he and the others were apparently accustomed to miracles, and I was told that I needed to come back.


These days, in June 2016, I've started with a few weeks' sequel treatment. According to Erik and the Chinese specialists, I might achieve even better results, and also prevent any new thrombosis or blood vessels crack, and an incipient cataracts.


I am very grateful for what Erik has done, and for the pleasant atmosphere that surrounds him and those who work at St Olav clinic. And now his cooperation with the highly acclaimed

Per Høst,